Installation Information for 150psi Rated Retractable Sampling Probes

Applies to series SP-050, SP-075, and SP-100



Sampling probes are designed to allow for the sampling of the flow in a pressurized water/process main. The following precautions should be taken to ensure proper and safe installation:

  • Become familiar with the components of the sampling probe as listed below.
  • Ensure that the Restraint Chain and Restraint Hook are secured while the sampling probe is under pressure. Do not rely on the Compression Gland to restrain the Sampling Quill from retracting while in operation.
  • Do not over tighten the Compression Gland. Tighten only to the point where any leak stops. Over tightening the gland can, over time, cause damage to PVC/CPVC Sampling Quill as well as the Compression O-ring.
  • The pressure rating listed for this unit is the maximum operating pressure. It is highly recommended that the pressure in the main be reduced to an appropriately safe level before inserting or retracting the solution tube.


WARNING: SAF-T-FLO sampling probes are shipped in their operating position. Removal of the sampling quill may be required prior to installing the sampling probe onto the main.

Step 1: Remove the Sampling Quill

  • Loosen the Packing Nut by turning counter-clockwise.
  • Release the Safety Hook from the Restraint Chain.
  • Retract the Sampling Quill from the Main Connection Assembly until the Limit Chain is completely extended. Loosen the Packing Nut more if needed.
  • Close the valve of the Ball Valve. If the valve does not want to close, ensure the Sampling Quill has been retracted far enough so that the tip of the quill is not obstructing the valve from closing.
  • With the valve closed, disconnect the Limit Chain from the Threaded Connector and completely remove the Sampling Quill.

Step 2: Install the Ball Valve

WARNING: Do not use a pipe wrench to install the corporation stop/ball valve.
  • Apply suitable thread sealant to male threads of the Main Connection thread and install into desired location.
  • Make sure the Ball Valve is in the closed position.

Step 3: Install the Sampling Quill

WARNING: Make sure that the isolation ball valve is closed prior to inserting the sampling quill to prevent back flow from the sampling quill prior to opening the main connection ball valve.
  • Insert the outlet end of the Sampling Quill into the Packing Nut until the tip is stopped by the closed valve.
  • Connect the Limit Chain to the Threaded Connector and close the jaw of the Threaded Connector.
  • SLOWLY OPEN the Ball Valve and begin to slide the Sampling Quill down into the main. If water begins to leak past the Packing Nut, tighten until the leak stops.
  • Keep inserting the Sampling Quill until the Restraint Chain can be attached to the Restraint Hook. Connect the Chain to the Hook. Slowly allow the pressure to push back against the sampling quill until the Restraint Chain/Hook is tight.
Retractable Sampling Probe - 150psi


Solution Tube Assembly

  1. Inlet Connection
  2. Isolation Ball Valve
  3. Chain Plate
  4. Restraint Hook
  5. Threaded Connector
  6. Restraint Chain
  7. Limit Chain
  8. Sampling Quill

Main Connection Assembly – Compression Gland

  1. Packing Nut
  2. Solution Tube Adapter
    *Compression O-ring not visible, located between Packing Nut and Solution Tube Adapter

Main Connection Valve

  1. Ball Valve
  2. Main Connection

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