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Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act

EB-145 Injection Quill

Beginning January 4, 2014 the US will be going "No-Lead". These changes will require brass equipment sold after this date, for use in potable water applications, to comply with the new regulations. Injection quills that use brass will be affected by this change.

SAF-T-FLO has been offering No-Lead brass as an option since 2010 when California and Vermont implemented their regulations. Beginning January 2014, all our brass will be No-Lead. Getting out ahead of these new regulations means that we can continue to offer you the highest quality injection quills in the materials you need without issue.

EB-145 Injection Quill

In addition to No-Lead brass we have always offered, and will continue to offer, options in stainless steel, CPVC, Duplex, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C.  We invite you to explore the options we have available for your next application.  You can begin your product search by browsing the product listings on the left.

Frequently Asked Questions

What part of an injection quill is made of brass?

Many of our quills offer the option of a brass main connection.  This means that the corp stop or ball valve that connects to the main and the accompanying compression gland can be constructed of brass if ordered as such.

When do the new regulations go into effect?

Nationwide the new rules go into effect in January of 2014.  However, California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana already have No-Lead laws of their own.  In these states the only brass we offer for sale is the No-Lead brass.

Does this mean I can’t get a brass corp stop for my quills anymore?

 No it does not.  We will be offering compliant No-Lead brass corp stops as an option for our quills.

I am not using the quill for potable water.  Can I buy the ‘leaded’ brass still?

In order to make the change as efficient as possible as of January 2014 the only brass we will offer is the No-Lead brass no matter if it is for potable or other uses.

Is No-Lead brass my only option then?

Of course not!  We have always offered materials such as Stainless Steel, CPVC, Duplex, and more for main connection options.

Why would I even use brass, No-lead or not, when it isn’t even compatible with the chemical I’m feeding?

Glad you asked.  Actually the main connection valve is not chemically wetted in normal operating conditions.  The chemical is contained within the solution tube (or quill, if you’d prefer) and does not come into contact with the brass.

No-Lead Implementation Dates

State Effective Date
California January 2010
Vermont January 2010
Maryland January 2012
Louisiana January 2013
All Others January 2014

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